Want to Walk?

My list of resources for walking the Camino. Click on an image to find out more.

Santiago Ways

MIchelle from Santiago Ways contacted me after reading one of my posts. They’re a specialized agency in organized trips to the Camino de Santiago, with years of experience. The site is laid out well, easy to navigate, has great pictures.

They’ve broken down the Camino to different stages/ jumping off points to help you design your own Camino journey, and offer resources including group walks with a guide. They are passionate about what they do, as the many testimonials from customers on the site will attest to.

A Pilgrims Guide to the Camino de Santiago

John Brierleys’ guide is, I believe, the grandfather of Camino guide books. It’s very detailed when it comes to the towns, cities, topography, etc. Although I set out every day not knowing how far I was going to walk or where I was going to end up, this book was always in my cargo pants pocket, a quick and easy reference to figure out where I might find a place to stay at the end of the day, etc. It never let me down. Added bonus- it also includes some of Mr. Brierley’s mystical and spiritual ponderings.

Thank you Mr. Brierley for accompanying me on my journey.