Children’s Early Reader Book

When Althea is stumped and can’t come up with an idea for her fourth-grade art project, she meets a monster that shows her that creativity lives inside each and every one of us, and that sometimes we just need a little help (maybe even from a monster!) to get our ideas to blossom.

Join Althea on her journey as she discovers how ideas come about, what creativity is, and how to turn your ideas into reality, all while trying to hide a 10 foot monster from her parents and nosey brother Deron.

Find out more about Althea and her BIG Idea at her website. 

Screenplay (under review at Universal)

A self-destructive former heavy metal god is forced to hire a life coach so he can mount a desperately needed reunion tour.

Throb is over-the-hill and down on his luck. He’s had a mild heart attack, still dabbles in drugs, and bangs old groupies when he can afford Viagara. He still wears his spandex although they’re now as threadbare as his dreams.

Throb gets a chance at redemption when his old guitarist comes out of retirement for a reunion tour. Unfortunately for Throb,  the bonding company requires a novel approach due to Throb’s past poor life choices- assign him a life coach to get him into shape both mentally and physically.

When Brad, a gay ex-marine, “life coach to the stars” arrives, Throb must confront his past immature ways and face what every American male tries to avoid throughout their lives: growing up. Read the treatment here





Children’s Early Reader Book

Milo and Pete are three children’s books that provide traditional life lessons in a contemporary setting. These stories can be read on my Medium blog. Other misc musings, pretentious ponderings, and the occasional poem can be found there too.