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Other Assets

The Best of Wanderlust 2019 Anthology
An essay about my walk on the Camino is included in the anthology. Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Marks Camino de Santiago Spotify Playlist
To read the blog post where this playlist originated, and why I included each song click here
The original blog I wrote and posted while walking the Camino de Santiago.

Medium Blog
Posts written about my walk and topics discussed in “Where’s My F*cking Epiphany…”

First Chapter via Instagram
Ebook- Highlights of the first chapter paired with photos from my Instagram feed

“All Roads Lead Home (alternate book title)– Life, Love, and Tweets  from the Camino de Santiago”
20 page ebook of my landscape photos paired with pithey and profound tweets from my Twitter feed

Photo Gallery
Some of my photographs from the Camino

Blog of miscellaneous short stories, screenplay bits, poems, etc)

“Fear and Self-loathing on the Camino de Santiago”
A story about my first days walking the Camino appeared in December’s Wanderlust Journal.



Fifth draft- first ten pages
11,000 words. Single spaced, no pictures

Book Proposal
2nd draft.

Square Promotional Card (alternate title)- Front

Square Promotional Card- Back

“You Can Never Step into the Same River Twice- Returning to the Camino de Santiago”
1st draft of follow-up to “Where’s My F*cking Epiphany…”

Audio Book

First chapter of  “Where’s My F*cking Epiphany…”

Book Cover
(alternate title)

 Book Cover
(alternate title)

Book Cover
(2nd alternate title)

Book Cover




Milo and Pete
Three stories teaching emotional intelligence.


Althea and the BIG IDEA
A children’s book about creativity and where ideas come from. The link above takes you to Althea’s website.