All Roads Lead Home

Life, Love, and Forgiveness on the Camino de Santiago

Althea and the BIG IDEA

A   l i t t l e   b o o k   a b o u t   a   b i g   i d e a  !

About “All Roads Lead Home- Life, Love, and Forgiveness on the Camino de Santiago”:

Last year after my life crashed and burned I booked a ticket to Europe and walked across Spain on the Camino de Santiago. I blogged about it, and the journey of my life over the last few years which included divorce, emotional abuse, estrangement from my daughter, therapy, loneliness, thoughts of suicide, insecurity, self-esteem and doubt, and finally my relationship with a beautiful, recently divorced mother of 4 who was dealing with her own shit as well, who saved my life.

Since then I’ve found that my writing resonated with many, so I’m turning my blog into a book- I recently returned from Spain to walk a little more of the Camino, and add some final “chapters” to my story.To read an excerpted version of my original blog click here. My new blog and the final “chapters” of my story can be read below.

About “Althea and the BIG IDEA”.

“Althea” is an early chapter book about creativity and where ideas come from. I wrote the book because, well, the idea just came to me, and so I wrote it down and subsequently developed it (which is, well, sort of the theme of the book!). I am currently looking for an illustrator to collaborate with (I designed the current cover from two stock images I purchased). You can learn more about Althea at 


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T o  r e c e i v e  f u t u r e  p o s t s ,  c l i c k  h e r e


All Roads Lead Home- The Movie.

Well, not really. The following video will introduce you to the flavor, tone, and feel of “All Roads Lead Home – Life, Love, and Forgiveness on the Camino de Santiago”.

About this Blog


Three years ago my life was a shit-bag of chaos, tears, cheap wine and cigarettes. I was living in a shithole studio apartment, driving a ’94 Celica, broke and with no job to speak of. I was separated from my 12 year old daughter and wife of 20 years due to a marriage that had become abusive.

I woke up one morning after dreaming about suicide and knew I had to do something, so I did what any reasonable person would- I booked a ticket to Spain and walked across it.

Don’t ask why. All I know is that this voice in the back of my head told me to.

Turns out walking across Spain probably saved my life and was the beginning of a journey towards healing and some sort of redemption.

That voice in the back of my head also told me to write about my journey- both physical and emotional- so I blogged about my walk, and my life as I stumbled across Spain on an old pilgrimage route called the Camino de Santiago.

I plan to unpack that shit-bag of chaos that was my life and pass on what I learned about each item in the bag, and how I finally got the strength to throw those things away. In the end, I guess this blog’s about faith, hope, love, and a few blisters.

I hope you choose to walk alongside me on this journey. Thanks for stopping by. If you’d like to subscribe, click here.


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The days slide by as we live out these steps that lead us down the path of the finest destination any of us has ever traveled. Don’t think. Don’t anticipate. Just be. Be the chirping crickets, the dancing fireflies, the coyotes howling at the moon. Be the crashing sea, the howling wind…

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