Where’s My F*cking Epiphany?

How Walking Across Spain Saved My LIfe

Does free will exist? How does one genuinely learn to forgive? Why did Lebron really move back to Cleveland?​ Mark West ponders these questions and others while walking 500 miles across Spain on an old pilgrimage route called the Camino de Santiago, looking for healing from his emotionally abusive marriage, some sort of redemption, and a cheap bottle of Rioja 

What transpires is not only a physical journey but an emotional and spiritual one as well. Along with the characters he meets (Kento the Chain Smoking Beer Guzzling Zen Patron Saint of the Camino), and the places he sees (Spain reminded me of California, except for the lack of superficial people, vegans, surfers, show biz wannabes, traffic, smog, shitty rapid transit, women in yoga pants, and the high price of vehicle registration) Mark grapples with the shitbag of emotions that sent him there.  

Stumbling down the Camino helps him come to terms with his seperation, the death of his girlfriend, and estrangement from his daughter. He describes these things and his resultant healing and forgiveness with humor, candor, and heart-wrenching poignancy. In the end, “It’s A Long Walk Home…” is a book about hope. And bocadillos. But as Mark always says- “What the fuck do I know?”   ​

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Part of the proceeds from the sale of this book  
will go to The Organization For Autism Research