About Me

When I hit rock bottom, walking the Camino barged into my psyche like a bull running through the streets of Pamplona looking to gore a drunk tourist, and it wouldn’t let go. I’d never even been to Europe, but with everything I knew and loved tumbling down around me, I didn’t have to think twice.”


Three years ago my life was a shit-bag of chaos, cheap wine, and cigarettes. Well, the wine wasn’t that cheap- you gotta draw the line somewhere when it comes to suffering. I was broke, living in a shit-hole studio apartment, driving a beat up 20-year-old Celica, with no job to speak of. I was separated from my 12-year-old daughter and wife of 20 years due to a marriage that had become abusive. Oh, and the woman who “saved my life” dumped me.

I woke up one morning after dreaming about suicide and did what any reasonable person would- I booked a ticket to Spain and walked across it. Don’t ask why. All I know is that this voice in the back of my head told me to.

Turns out walking across Spain was the beginning of a journey towards healing and some sort of redemption. That voice in the back of my head also told me to write about my journey so I blogged about my walk (read it here) as well as my fucked up life as I stumbled across Spain on an old pilgrimage route called the Camino de Santiago.

Since then, I’ve learned a lot about what fostered the negative, reactive life I was living, but more importantly, I learned how to fix it. These are the pieces that make up the backbone of the memoir I’m writing called “All Roads Lead Home- Life, Love, and Forgiveness on the Camino de Santiago”.


My current blog (on my homepage) intends to entertain and inform by relating some stories from my walk across Spain, as well as how I learned to heal from the wounds I had suffered. In the end, I guess this blog’s about faith, hope, love, and a few blisters. If you’d like to subscribe fill out the form at the bottom of the page


The idea for “Althea and the BIG IDEA, about creativity and where ideas come from, was simply in my head one morning when I woke up, so I jotted it down and have developed it off and on over the previous year and a half. More information about Althea can be found on the homepage of this site, as well as at Althea’s (cause everyone has to have a website these days) website here.

I’ve also written a few children’s stories whose goal is to provide traditional life lessons in a contemporary setting. These stories can be read at my medium blog. Other misc musings, pretentious ponderings and the occasional poem can be found there too.


Please feel free to contact me at markwestwriter@gmail.com if you have any questions, suggestions, or recipes for pizza dough-I’ve never been able to get the consistency right. Thank’s for listening to my story.


Likes: humans, love, dogs, wine, running, learning, pizza, cats, friends, rivers, brothers, sunscreen, innocence, symbols, Uniball pens, music, MacBook Air, Seattle, poetry, photography, cheese, mountains, sound advice, new car smell, hummus, gratitude, Springsteen, afternoon light, eyes, maps, cool graphics, creative people, Santa Ana winds, that little place up on the California coast overlooking the ocean, beautiful noise, Macaroni and Cheese, being alive.