My Story

I’m a writer. Last Summer I walked across Spain on the Camino de Santiago. I blogged about it, and the journey of my life over the last few years, which included divorce, estrangement from my daughter, therapy, loneliness, thoughts of suicide, insecurity, self-esteem and doubt, and finally a relationship with a beautiful, recently divorced mother of 4 who was dealing with her own shit as well, who saved my life.

I’m not saying I know any more about life than you. And at times I read what I’ve written and see it as the ravings of a self-absorbed dude bent on self-destruction. One of my favorite refrains is “…but what the fuck do I know? But life goes on. And so does the path in front of each and every one of us.

I’m heading back to Spain to walk part of the camino and finish up the book, walk a few parts that need to be rediscovered, meet a few new people, and maybe to discover a few new things about myself. I hope you stick around, and walk these steps with me. Cause one things I’ve discovered- life is short, and it’s much more worthwhile traveling this world with someone.