Assets (agents and publishers)

Social Media

“All Roads Lead Home- Life, Love, and Forgiveness on the Camino de Santiago”
4th draft- first three chapters/10,000 words

Promotional Video
Stills and video taken during my pilgrimage against my voice over giving an overview of my emotional journey underscored by a piece of Kirtin (traditional Hindu) music with vocals by Krishna Das.

First Chapter via Instagram
Highlights of the first chapter of “All Roads Lead Home” paired with beautiful photos pulled from my Instagram feed
The original blog I wrote and posted while walking the Camino de Santiago, which forms the backbone of “All Roads Lead Home- Life, Love, and Forgiveness on the Camino de Santiago”

“Fear and Self-loathing on the Camino de Santiago”
An article I wrote for December’s Wanderlust Journal, soon to appear in their quarterly printed edition, available at Barns and Noble, etc

Book Cover
Rough draft of a cover idea I created for “All Roads Lead Home…”

“You Can Never Step into the Same River Twice- Returning to the Camino de Santiago”
1st draft of follow up to “All Roads Lead Home…”

My Current Blog
Blog Posts written about topics I discuss in my book

Blog of miscellaneous short stories, screenplays, poems, etc)

“All Roads Lead Home- Life, Love, and Tweets from the Camino de Santiago”
20 page ebook of my beautiful landscape photos paired with pithey and profound tweets from my Twitter feed.

Photo Gallery
Some of the photographs I took while walking the Camino

Althea and the BIG IDEA
A children’s book I wrote (not published) about creativity and where ideas come from.The link above will take you to Althea’s website.

Query Letter